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Three Huggers

Beeswax Wraps Multipack (Set of 3) - Summer Time

Beeswax Wraps Multipack (Set of 3) - Summer Time

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High Quality Beeswax Wraps Hand Made in Canada by Three Huggers (3huggers) using all natural ingredients. This vibrant beeswax wraps set is inspired by the lush forests of summertime. Imagine the vibrant greens of the leaves, the burst of colors from blooming flowers, and the playful animals running around.

Beeswax food wraps are the perfect reusable alternative to plastic wrap and plastic bags. Unlike plastic, they have natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, keeping your food fresh and clean without the need for harmful chemicals.

Thanks to their breathability, Beeswax wraps are perfect for storing a variety of fresh produce. They'll keep your vegetables, herbs, fruits, and cheese fresher for longer periods of time, reducing food waste and saving you money in the long run.

The set includes: 

  • 1 – 8″x8″ Small Wrap
  • 1 – 10″x10″ Medium Wrap
  • 1 – 12″x12″ Large Wrap

Lovingly hand made in Canada, Thunder Bay Ontario

Our FAQ section provides more information on useful tips on how to use and care for our Beeswax Wraps.

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Large 12 x 12" | Medium 10 x 10" | Small 8 x 8"


100% Organic Cotton, Canadian Beeswax, Pine Resin, Jojoba Oil

Wash & Care

To wash, rinse or wipe with cool water using a small amount of mild dish soap if necessary. Hang to dry.

Beeswax will melt if exposed to heat. Do not use in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.

Do not use with meat or excessively wet items.

Beeswax Food Wraps may wrinkle and crack with time, but depending on care and use, these wraps can last up to a year. Once they are worn out, they can be composted or used as fire starters.

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    All the common questions

    Beeswax Food Wrap


    What is beeswax food wrap?

    Beeswax food wrap is an all natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

    All our wraps are made by hand using 100% cotton, Canadian beeswax, tree rosin and jojoba oil.

    Is beeswax wrap safe?

    Unlike plastic wraps, which can release toxins when they come into contact with food, beeswax wrap is made from organic cotton and coated with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, all of which are food-safe materials. 

    How do I use beeswax wrap?

    In order to "activate" the wrap and to get it to be at it's prime "stickiness", we recommend using the heat of your hands in order to warm the wrap before you use it. This involves manoeuvring the wrap between your fingers and using the heat of your hands to press and help it stick to the edge of whatever surface you are trying to adhere it to.

    Tip: Beeswax wraps stick best to themselves.

    Although beeswax has naturally antimicrobial properties, we don't recommend them for use on raw meat.

    Fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, snacks, and cheeses are all good.

    How do I clean my beeswax wrap?

    Rinse with cold water or wipe with cool, damp cloth. Use mild soap, if necessary.

    Avoid hot water, as it will melt the beeswax. Hang or lay flat to dry.

    How long will my beeswax wrap last?

    Beeswax wraps can last a year or more if they are cared for properly. Use a beeswax refresh bar to refresh and extend the life of your old wraps significantly. 

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