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Looking for the perfectly unique zero waste gift sets? We have a great selection of zero waste gift sets that are carefully crafted and ethically made by small Canadian businesses. Each product is biodegradable, eco friendly and gentle on the environment. 

These sustainable gift sets are thoughtful gifts for any occasions, perfect for Christmas, housewarmings, thank yous, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Zero Waste Gift Sets

A curated selection of zero waste gifts that are carefully crafted and ethically made by small Canadian businesses.

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Reusable Gift Wrap

Furoshiki (風呂敷) originated from Japan, where the practice of wrapping valuables in fabrics dates back one thousand years.

The popularity of furoshiki is growing internationally as people want more eco friendly alternatives to the single-use wrapping paper. The added bonus for using a furoshiki cloth is that the gift wrapping cloth then becomes part of the gift itself and can be reused by the recipient for regifting.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Cloths

Zero waste furoshiki fabric gift wraps hand made in Canada by Your Green... 

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