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Best Idea

Love these cloths, I had my first set for over a year and they lasted wonderfully.

Good quality

After using for a month, still holding up well, no bad smell, very effective at cleaning. Happy to be using a more environment friendly sponge.


coffee filters

The Muslin coffee filters arrived in the Post within 2 days. Very impressed with the quality of product and speedy service


These are very soft and work great as washcloths or napkins. I haven't been as happy with them in terms of drying things, for example, I had been keeping one in the bathroom to wipe down the wet countertop, but they leave behind a LOT of lint. I have machine washed and dried them twice without using fabric softener...maybe the lint shedding will improve with additional washes. They also rinse easily and air dry quickly. Overall, I would recommend!

nice size

Lovely and soft and just right for small jobs!

Smell - no bad odours

Lover these designs w mushrooms and the mountains but my favourite part is that these cloths never smell!

Awesome soap! Fast delivery

Awesome soap! Fast delivery

Dish soap bar review

In our household, we are looking for ways to reduce plastic waste. This dish bar works very nicely with Swedish dishcloths. It does not bubble the same way a liquid soap does, and takes a little getting used to, but not much. I find it cleans very well. Glasses are without residue or streaks. Overall, I think this is an excellent product, zero waste, and very good value for your money. Plus, who wouldn't want to support a Canadian company?

Reuseable non paper towels are great!

I was concerned about how many paper towels my household uses and these are excellent. I use them for draining bacon, wiping grease out of pans and much more. Just throw them in the washer with hot water and detergent and they are good to go

Excellent, never smell, just as

Excellent, never smell, just as expected!

So bright and very useful!

I sent these sponges along with other kitchen items to my college-age son. He loved the bright colors and patterns and was intrigued and impressed by the design - it's lightness and stiffness belies the amazing absorptive and cleaning qualities. Wish Aiteall were in the US!!!

Love this!

The pattern is super cute, but these dishes cloths are actually super useful and absorbant as well. I use these for keeping my counter and stove nice and clean.

Fantastic Product

Really glad I purchased this product


The quality is great, and I feel good about them being gentler for the plants.

Amazing product

I bought a number of items for my daughter for Christmas. She was so impressed with the quality and I was so pleased with the service. Fantastic timelines and communication.
We both will be placing more orders. Great company with personalised service. Thanks Sam for your lovely hand written note.

Soft, a generous size, and

Soft, a generous size, and well made!

Love these

I love the unpaper towels- they are absorbent and rinse easily between washes.

Love my non paper towels!

I really like the non paper towels - a great eco product

Love these eco products!

These are all great- they wash beautifully and look great.